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Recognizing the Need

Mission Mowing was formed based on a need that my father and I observed in our own family and also in the Grand Rapids community. That need is lawn care and landscape maintenance for Veterans, Elderly, and those with health conditions.


The idea was formed about 4 years ago when we recognized the need in our own family. My Grandfather now 86 and a veteran of The United States Army ran into some health struggles and couldn't continue doing his own mowing and landscaping maintenance like he had always done. Owning nice equipment and a trailer we were able to help him with his lawn and landscaping and will continue to do so.

Also this past year after starting up my own lawn and landscaping company we have had the opportunity to meet many people that could benefit from a program that provides free lawn and landscaping services. People with a variety of health conditions, elderly, and those who have served our country.

Mission Mowing is helping people one lawn at a time.


Mission Mowing is a non-profit company formed to help the elderly, veterans, and those with medical conditions take care of their lawn and landscaping. We provide professional services at no cost, in order to serve those who deserve it most. Helping people the best way we know how, one lawn at a time.

How It Works

Individuals that need our help reach out to us with information about their lawn or landscaping maintenance request. Once the request has been approved Mission Mowing will put you on schedule for the requested services and our professional crews will come complete the work. 


Mowing is offered on a weekly basis, when needed, or single time. Landscaping Maintenance is available twice a year in the Spring/Fall in order to keep the landscaping looking nice all year long. 

Once a year a we give one person a landscaping makeover. In order to qualify for this the person must be on our complete service package.

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